Saturday, 26 January 2013

Some Visuals To Check Out!

I'm going to post some pics that I've meant to post before but haven't been able to! They are the anchor charts we used this past week and last. Any questions, ask :)

The 5 Ws of Persuasive Writing, idea suggested from Melissa Hughes

January Choice Board, containing various writing forms, used during our independent writing time.

My first attempt at success criteria with students, didn't go too bad and it's definitely helping us understand what we need to include!

This was taken from our first reading on Wind Turbines, examining text features.
The next pics are the beginnings of our lapbooks, they are really coming along!
This is from the Grade 5 Ancient Roman Lapbook

This is the outside of the Grade 6 Lapbook

This is the inside of the Grade 6 lapbook
This last one has to do with our making connections reading strategy we are working on. Each time we make connections we put them on post its and ask ourselves "SO WHAT!" to make it clear that just making a connection isn't enough. The idea of SO WHAT was given to me from our school literacy coach Jackie Sweeney. Each connection we decide if the writer gave enough of a connection to take the idea further than the literal. The goal is to get my students to make a connection along with explaining how it helped them understand the text or what the bigger idea is. We are working on it but this is what our board looked like after Day 1, I'll post what it looks like now, it's a slower process than first thought!
Okay I'm officially done for tonight!
Kathleen :)

All lapbook resources come from Dynamic 2 Moms website :)


  1. LOVE the "So What" board - it's so hard for students to make those meaningful connections! I also really like the choice board for independent writing! Great pics!

    Runde's Room

  2. I love the "So What" board as well! I use a "So What" section in my paragraph writing - it is right on the graphic organizers my students use - to help them elaborate more on the ideas they are giving! I found you at the Blog By Province Linky at Teaching is a Gift.

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom