Saturday, 8 February 2014

How I s It February Already???!!!

Hi everyone! Have you been wondering where I've been? Life is busy, I am immersed in three different professional development opportunities and coaching boys basketball as well as trying to get to boot camp and futsal! This entry will be mostly a view of items going on in my room or past activities. Hoping they are helpful to others!!! 

This is from our community circle in December, we talked about what we could improve and what we are doing well. We have this posted just outside our classroom so we see it as we enter each day!

This is one of the choices students had after we read the story Fatty. Legs, focusing on the experience of a girl named Olemaun at a residential school, students had the choice of one of nine options, if any would like the choice board, message me and I'll send you a copy! Student s other choices included a speech as Olemaun, a skit, a song and a research presentation amongst other options.

Students working on bulletin board, we used the ACT resource published by UWO and TVDSB to work through an NGO simulation. One group took on the role of the local NGO focusing on West Nile Virus, a concern in our region, naming their organization Get The Spray! The other group focused on an international initiative on malaria, naming their organization Stop The Bite.

This was the final product, they presented to the rest of the class.

Students working on Canadian lap books, this resource can be found on Rundes Room teachers pay teachers store, amazing product!!!

Some of the finished products!

 These are students monitoring their thinking. In one of the sessions I went to our school decided we would be focusing on making our thinking visible, students do this by filling out sticky notes or directly in their reading journals about their thinking, one sticky has "what I read" while the other has "what I think." Students explain ideas that pop in to their head, themes, ideas, questions, connections, inferences, images etc. 

I had to show you this pic of the work station after students completed their art, if you are a teacher or work with kids you will appreciate the chaos, enjoyment and mess that ensued!!! Teacher fail for not putting down newspaper. Note the chart paper.... Here are the finished products! I am thrilled with them!!!

I think that's enough for now! the good thing is that I found out blogger has an app for iPad so expect more posts now that I've figured that out!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


PS I have it on good authority that this art was the best day of school so it :)

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